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Welcome to Minsk for piano amateurs fest!

This is a musical meetup with concert, master-classes and intellectual quiz. This is the possibility to meet and talk with those who are fond of piano music irrespective of profession and current occupation. This is performing These are performances by amateur pianists - those whose profession is not related to playing the piano, but who perform at a high professional level! And also advises and recommendations how to combine different types of activities with piano art.

In order to take participation in the event, please, get acquainted with the program and conditions of participation and register.

International Piano Amateurs Fest in Minsk


  • 13:00 - 14:00


    Getting participant packs
  • Концерт пианистов любителей

    14:00 - 16:00

    Concert-opening of the festival «Music for the soul»

    Performances by amateur pianists, presenation of international trends in amateur music
  • Верониа Сахарова

    17:00 - 18:30

    Master class “Piano performing art”

    Master class and lecture of the candidate of art history, Belarus State Academy of Music associate professor Veronika Sakharova on improving the performing skills of playing the piano
  • Минская ратуша

    19:00 - 19:30

    Excursion to the Minsk Town Hall

    Acquaintance with the history of Minsk
  • Квиз Классика в Минской ратуше

    19:30 - 21:30

    Quiz «Classics»

    Musical and intellectual game
  • 14:00 - 17:00

    Встречи и общение

    Free performances of amateur pianists

    Location(s) will be defined depending on quantity of those who wish to play
  • Встречи и общение

    Whole day

    Meetings and communication

    In minsk cafe and piano rooms


For those who perform, there will be time for repetitions from 10:00 to 12:00 in the nearby piano rooms and on the stage of concert hall

Concert hall "Upper town"

Svobody square 23а, Minsk

Minsk Town Hall

Svobody square 2а, Minsk

Piano rooms:

Kirilla and Mefodia str. 8, Rakovskaya 16а, Minsk


Amateur pianists from around the world (Belarus, Russia, Romania, France, Lithuania, Ukraine, etc.), representatives of various professions (managers, engineers, doctors ...) for whom playing the piano is a serious hobby, but not a profession, winners of international competitions, participants of the Grand Piano Marathon of the Belarusian State Philharmonic Society and just everyone who likes to play music for the soul.

In addition to musical performances - acquaintance with the cities of the festival participants and personal experience, as well as interesting stories about composers and musical pieces.

If you like piano music, want to participate in interactive programs, learn something new and just meet and talk - you're welcome to join :)

Маргарита Бакиновская
Margarita Bakinovskaya (Belarus)


III award in the ensemble on the international competition “Piano Bridges 2019”

Violetta Kataeva
Violetta Kataeva (Belarus)


III award in the ensemble on the international competition “Piano Bridges 2019”

Моника-Кристина Трайку
Monica-Hristina Traicu (Romania)


II award solo on the international competition “Piano Bridges 2019”

Golikov Artem
Golikov Artem (Russia)


I award solo on the international competition “Piano Bridges 2019”

Sylvain Levy
Sylvain Levy (France)

Administrative Magistrate (judge) and Audit Expert in Tunisia

Andrey Kiranov
Andrey Kiranov (Belarus)


Alexandra Rostovtseva
Alexandra Rostovtseva (Russia)

Graduate student of the Department of Biochemistry, Moscow State University Lomonosov

Анна Баранова
Anna Baranova (Lithuania)

Dance instructor
Amateur pianist

Мария Бондаренко
Maria Bondarenko (Belarus)

Managing partner of IT company

Olga Kondratiuk
Olga Kondratiuk (Belarus)


ФИО Участника
Name (Country)

Profession Awards (if any)

ФИО Участника
Name (Country)

Profession Awards (if any)


Amateur pianists from around the world aged 17 years and older are invited to the festival - those who are passionate about playing the piano, but whose professional activity is not related to music.

For participants of the festival there will be the opportunity to perform:

On the concert-opening of the festival in Concert Hall «Upper Town» – ~ 5-10 minutes;

On the free performances day – ~ 10-30 minutes.

The final selection of those who perform and the program of the opening concert and for the free piano day, as well as the duration of performances, remains with the organizers, taking into account the number of applications received and level of performance. The priority will be given for those who register earlier and who prove the good level of playing the piano. Please take this with understanding, pre-register and receive confirmation from the organizers about your inclusion in the festival. After that you will be sent information on payment.

The cost of participation in the festival includes entrance tickets to the opening concert, a master class and a musical quiz. If you have relatives / friends who want to visit only one of the concerts (for example, only a concert-opening), please inform the organizers. Such an opportunity will also be provided.

FREE visa to Belarus for those who arrive via airport Minsk and stay for less than 10 days.


Detailed program

Concert Hall "Upper City" (Svobody Square 23a)

Performances by amateur pianists

Concert Hall "Upper City" (Svobody Square 23a)

1. I.S. Bach-Ziloti. Prelude in B Minor (Spanish: Vera Dipner (Bykova), BELARUS)

2. F. Chopin. Sonata No. 3 in B minor 4 part (Spanish: Sylvian Levy, FRANCE)

3. F. Chopin. Grand Brilliant Waltz No. 1 op.34 in A Flat Major (Spanish Darya Medvetskaya, BELARUS)

4. F. Chopin. Ballad No. 3 op.47 (Spanish: Kazuko Taki, JAPAN)

5. F. List. Transcendental Etude in F Minor (Spanish: Artyom Golikov, RUSSIA)

6. F. List. Hungarian Rospodi 11 (Spanish: Alexander Rostovtsev, RUSSIA)

7. F. Schubert-F. List. Barcarole (Spanish: Stanislav Skutin, RUSSIA)

8. E. Grieg. Piano Pieces from Own Songs, Op. 52 (Spanish: Stanislav Skutin, RUSSIA)

9. I. Brahms. Intermezzo No. 2 op. 118 in A major (Spanish: Elizabeth Sidelnikova, RUSSIA)

10. A. Scriabin. Two poems op. 32 (Spanish: Margarita Bakinovskaya, BELARUS)

11. C. Prokofiev. Sonata Final 7 (Spanish: Gulnara Karimova)

12. E. Granados. Poetic Waltzes (Spanish: Monica Triciu Perianu, ROMANIA)

13. S. Rachmaninov. Prelude No. 2 op.3 (Spanish: Vladislav Dosin, BELARUS)

14. A.Kiranov. Prelude-anthem (Spanish Andrei Kiranov, BELARUS)

15. F. Schubert. Fantasy in F minor (Spanish: Artyom Golikov, Stanislav Skutin, RUSSIA)

The program is preliminary. Adjustments are possible.

Psychological, physiological and intellectual-creative prerequisites for mastery

Master class and lecture of the Belarus State Academy of Music associate professor Veronika Sakharova on improving the performing skills of playing the piano

Together with Veronika Sakharova you will get a unique opportunity to improve your piano and performing skills and develop musical and creative abilities

- immerse yourself in an atmosphere of creativity in the context of the best traditions of world music art and modern innovative teaching technologies,

- “here and now” test the acquired knowledge in practical activities on the stage of the concert hall,

- receive training in the psychology of creativity and preparation for concert performances,

- experience the magic of sound creation and synesthesia in music

- and target to the heights of the musician's performing skills!

Within the master class, individual consultations on repertoire policy and issues of professional excellence are also possible.

About Veronika Sakharova: pianist, laureate of international competitions, candidate of art history, associate professor of the Belarusian State Academy of Music, winner of the international award in the field of music art.

Acquaintance with the town hall and the history of the city of Minsk.
The Quiz “Classics” is a game in the popular modern format of intellectual games in which teams (from 2 to 10 people) compete for 7 rounds in answering questions about music and art.
The Quiz “Classic” will reveal the musical secrets of the Minsk Town Hall, introduce you to unusual stories from the life of famous composers and allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of elite intellectual games and test your intuition!
Meeting, communication and free music-making of amateur pianists.
ONLY for participants of the entire festival.
Art space "World of Classical Music" (8 Cyril and Methodius St., 2nd floor)


Number of participants is limited!

Only 89 places remain

Event Tickets

Please check with the organizers


For guests of the festival we offer a choice of comfortable hotels near the center

Гостиница Планета Минск


From 48 USD/night

Гостиница Беларусь Минск


From 54 USD/night

Гостиничный комплекс Монастырский Минск


From 69 USD/night

Отель Минск


From 62 USD/night


Minsk city trip and excursions to the nearby locations, visiting museums. At extra charge.

Обзорная экскурсия по Минску

Minsk city trip (walking tour)

20 October (Sun), 11:00-13:00

5 USD/person - in Russian

7 USD/person - in English

Посещение усадьбы М.Огинского

Oginsky manon, Zalesje village (bus tour)

21 October (Mon), time upon request

35 USD/person - in Russian

40 USD/person - in English

Музейный комплекс Дудутки

National museum «Dudutki», village Ptitsh (bus tour)

21 October (Mon), time upon request

35 USD/person - in Russian

40 USD/person - in English

Музей Страна Мини

Museum «Belarus mini», Minsk

Working hours: 11:00-20:00

7.5 USD/person

Художественный музей Минск

Art museum, Minsk

Working hours: 11:00-19:00

4 USD/person


Ренессанс классики
Школа Артёма Шаплыко
Вокруг света
Фортепианные мосты


If you have questions - please, contact the organizers:, +375(29) 241-49-25 Olga, +375(29) 771-27-42 Maria